A Look Back at “Man of Steel,” a Movie that Failed Its Premise


How do we ultimately judge movies? We generally judge them by their individual merits, from the acting, directing, cinematography, and other element. But in some cases we may find ourselves comparing a movie to other films. Neither is particularly right or wrong, and I would guess that people do some combination of both.

In regards to my method of judging movies, I look at two things:

  1. What was the filmmakers’ conceptual or artistic intention of the film? What is the premise? What is the reason this film is being made?
  2. Was the premise taken to its full potential? Was it executed correctly? Was this the best possible film it could have been?

It’s this mindset that leads me to love something like the silly “Fast & Furious” movies with their well-direction action and choreography, simple premise, and relatable theme of family, and despise something like “The Amazing Spider-Man” reboot series, with their lack of any compelling premise (some nonsense mystery about Peter Parker’s parents) and horrific writing and structure.

On the eve of “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’s” release and the discussion regarding its negative reviews, I thought that it may be a good idea to look back at its predecessor “Man of Steel,” a film I felt had a great premise, but a poor execution.

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