Author: Bad Haircut Productions

The Blue Haircast (“Abbreviated” and “Full” Versions)

Chris turned his hair blue with the help of his friend Em (though really, they did all of the work)- in this edited version, listen to the careful and delicate process and the nonsense conversations that ensue.

For the patient and way-too-curious, check out this version of “The Blue Haircast,” with an extra THIRTY minutes of prolonged silence, water rinsing, hair drying and dumb comments that Chris said and didn’t like for the “Abbreviated” version.

Fireside Game Chat – Episode 2 (Titanfall 2)

Fran and Chris are joined by guest Anthony, in the second episode of our classy video game book club series. We discuss a well-regarded but somewhat overlooked shooter, “Titanfall 2”.

(Originally recorded March 23, 2017)